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Commercial Due Diligence

For commercial due diligence (CDD), we evaluate the target company’s chances of success in its individual market environment. We carefully examine the conditions and prospects in the market, as well as the macroeconomic factors, industry structure, regulatory conditions and the target’s competitive position and relationships with major customers and suppliers. We always look at whether and how these factors affect the company’s ability to achieve its forecast results – this is, after all, the basis of any due diligence.

Our integrated approach combines commercial and financial analyses to give you a more in-depth understanding of the target: only when you have precise knowledge of the surrounding business context will you be able to make a realistic assessment of the opportunities and risks of the planned transaction. We provide you with market information that is not available to all, giving you a fact-based, independent perspective.

We work closely with our clients and especially with the other service providers conducting the financial due diligence in parallel. This ensures a coordinated approach, which concentrates on the aspects that influence your investment decisions.

Commercial due diligence: key questions