Value Enhancement

A take-over can bring an enormous increase in enterprise value. At best, this can even exceed the acquired company's business plan. This is, of course, contingent upon the acquiring company recognising and consistently exploiting the potential in the company's key business areas.

Androschin & Partner Management Consulting has a full command of the entire set of tools used to realign and reinforce operational business:

Cost cutting and optimising cost structures

  • Optimising purchasing conditions and processes
  • Raising efficiency in manufacturing and assembly operations
  • Focussing on the core value-adding activities (make-or-buy)
  • Optimising the global footprint, outsourcing parts of the value chain
  • Streamlining the overhead in production, sales and admin
  • Optimising R&D spending

Optimising marketing and sales

  • Sales-up programmes
  • Programmes for enhancing sales efficiency and effectiveness

Supply chain management

  • Optimising supply in line with customers and requirements
  • Cutting lead times
  • Optimising warehousing and distribution processes and systems
  • Reducing inventories

Optimal use of business assets

  • Concentrating on the core business
  • Selling non-core business activities
  • Optimising the utilisation of capital employed, particularly fixed assets
  • Optimising net working capital