Project Management Office

A successful acquisition should be followed by the realisation of revenue growth and performance improvement targets identified in the commercial due diligence and pre-merger strategy. Key success factors in achieving these targets include precisely specified actions and milestones, clear ownership and systematic progress tracking. Growth potential from the development of new markets and areas of expertise needs to be integrated in the business plan. And it is important to thoroughly optimise processes and organisational structures, from sales to after sales and everything in-between, in the interests of value creation. In many cases, lack of implementation focus and a shortage of the right resources results in some of the potential failing to materialise.

Androschin & Partner Management Consulting has many years' experience in supporting the implementation of performance improvement and integration programmes through the establishment and operational management of Project Management Offices (PMO) for a defined period of time.

Establishing a PMO

  • Specifying clearly defined projects with quantified targets
  • Elaborating precise actions, determining ownership and setting milestones as well as an end date
  • Developing and agreeing on measurable key performance indicators
  • Setting up a transparent and easy-to-use reporting system to identify delays and communicate successes

Managing a PMO

  • Supporting PMO projects with content and methodology to help achieve the defined targets
  • Providing operational coaching for project managers in preparing and conducting analyses and workshops, etc.
  • Acting as a sounding board for top management and project managers in developing concepts and driving the change process
  • Ensuring monthly reporting and progress tracking with a specific focus on delays, decision making and communication of positive results