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Androschin & Partner Transaction Services

Clever investment decisions are based on thorough information and precise planning. When it comes to company acquisitions, it is therefore crucial to investigate exactly where the potential and the pitfalls in the target company lie.

Androschin & Partner Management Consulting have been successfully supporting corporate take-overs for years. Our Transaction Services business unit was established in 2008 on the back of very strong business development in this area. We have strengthened our business here with additional experts. This enables us to offer our clients even better and more extensive services in the field of transactions.

Androschin & Partner Transaction Services work predominantly for financial investors and – like Androschin & Partner Management Consulting – focus exclusively on machine and plant engineering and automation technology. Other industry segments covered include metals & mining as well as shipyards. This is the only way to develop the requisite expertise in this extremely diverse industry. Whilst other, more broad-ranging service companies are unable to do more than scratch the surface of the business, Androschin & Partner possess comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the industry, enabling us to make fast and precise assessments and to support transactions end to end.


HÜBERS takes the HANNOVER Finanz Group on board

Androschin & Partner accomplish commercial due diligence regarding Hübers

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